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5 Ways: How To Get YouTube Views

Have you fallen prey to YouTube sensations and famous internet personalities? Are you planning to create your YouTube channel because you’re a generally creative person? If so, then kudos for you because that’s a great idea.

Now, it may seem easy to make videos and upload them on your channel, but here’s the tricky part: views. Your channel will only be a success if users fully engage in it, meaning they “Like and Subscribe” to it, let alone viewing it.

As YouTube is the second most famous search engine in the world, it is a common source of entertainment, education, and promotion. According to an estimate, YouTube has around 22 billion visits per month. Hence, people love YouTube.

So, you seem like the type of person who needs guidance with their YouTube channel, and by direction, we mean, of course, learning how to increase YouTube views. 

Don’t worry about the success of your channel because we got you covered with these sure-fire ways to get YouTube views.

Top 5 Ways


Instead of reading the title of your video, viewers will look at the thumbnail. Pictures seem to satisfy people more than words, so you should take notes here.

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Even if you use Jon Snow’s image as a thumbnail with a funky title, you can still get views. When it comes to increasing your views, whether on suggested videos, social media videos, or videos on the organic results page, an eye-catching thumbnail is vital.

Moreover, use the best quality images with engaging and readable fonts, and don’t forget to use close-ups.

2.     Make A Playlist

Make a playlist for every content you have so viewers can easily watch it one-by-one. Making a playlist allows your users to know your channel better without having to click on videos. After one video ends, the other will automatically play.

Furthermore, embed your playlist, upload them on your channel, or request your subscribers to share them to increase viewers.

3.     Enhance The SEO-Optimization Of Your Videos

SEO is always the best way to make YouTube views count. With SEO, your videos have the chance to outrank their sponsored websites on search engines.

You can use video embeds as backlinks because they will point to your video, which can increase the SEO ranking. If you have a good rank on SERPs, you can double the traffic to your channel.

4.     Clickbait

Clickbait is an essential aspect of video content production, especially when you’re uploading it on YouTube. Users seem to be attracted to unusual and suspense-creating things.

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Believe it or not, this is a useful way of getting free YouTube views. So, make sure your video title is exciting and attractive enough to get viewers.

5.     Respond To Your Viewers

Even if you have twenty viewers on your channel, reply to every one of their comments. Audience engagement should be a priority if you want to have more viewers. The goal here is to get viewers the right way.

You must engage with other famous YouTubers as well and ask them to subscribe to your channel. That way, you’ll get more viewers considering the likes of other famous YouTubers.

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