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5 Ways How To Boost Likes On YouTube

Ideally, video marketing is one of the go-to strategies of every entrepreneur.

Speaking of video marketing, YouTube is currently the world’s leading social platform to receive recognition on a full scale. The best part about YouTube is that it has a soft corner for marketers and social influencers.

These days, even watching a video of a cat in the bathtub will have viewers. That said, do you have a YouTube channel undergoing a crisis of not getting enough likes on your videos? If so, then you must know; you are not alone.

YouTube is full of impressive content generators who spend hours shooting and editing videos. Unfortunately, their videos only receive a limited number of likes. However, the good thing is; the problem is not you; it’s your way of uploading videos.

Here are some excellent ways on how to get likes on YouTube with the least amount of effort.

5 Best Like-Boosting Ways

1.     Embellish Your Videos With Tags

Enhancing the looks of your videos by adding tags can be a ranking factor. YouTube tags are short phrases or words that provide info to YouTube about the context and content of your video.


You can add 5-7 tags to every video, including variants and short phrases, a combination of specific and broad video tags, and the overall content.

2.     Encourages Your Viewers To Like And Subscribe 

You may have heard that your best customers are your old customers. That said, maintaining the consistency of your customers can increase the popularity of your business. That applies to YouTube as well.

One of the fastest and the most effective ways to get more likes on your videos is to request your old viewers to share your videos as much as possible. Moreover, you can always add a “don’t forget to like and subscribe line” at the end of your videos. It is an organic way to increase YouTube likes.

3.      Create A Clickable Title

The title is the second thing viewers notice in your videos after the thumbnail. The title determines whether a viewer should click on your video or not, so write an attractive title.


Now, you don’t have to write punctuation-approved and straightforward titles; you can make them as funky and as suspenseful as you want. Most YouTubers use thumbnails that have no relation with their claims, and people still click.

4.     Use Cards To Promote Your Videos

Cards are vital tools that help to promote your videos for extra likes and views. You can set the timing of cards to pop-up anytime in the video.

You can set them to direct your viewers to your playlist or another video. Other than that, you can make a poll card to ask your subscribers and viewers whether they would like to see more content from you or not.

5.     Promote Your Channel On Other Social Platforms

If you have profiles on other social platforms with a decent number of followers, notify them every time you upload a video on your YouTube channel.

An excellent way to do this is with a teaser video. Promote your new video with a short clip by giving the link of the full video in the description.

That way, you can sustain your new and old viewers neutrally as it can help you get free YouTube likes quickly.

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