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15 Tips for Growing your YouTube Channel

With each passing day, YouTube is growing as the ultimate digital content platform. The number of YouTubers is rising fast, but you might wonder why are their channels not growing? Why are their videos not in the top search results?

The reason is that they consistently make the same mistakes without learning from them.

YouTube is a vast sea, full of video content on numerous subjects. To gain subscribers and rise among the unlimited content creators, you have to produce content that stands out.

A significant fact to remember is that you are never going to start out exceptionally. Your first videos will not be a masterpiece, but they will be a small step in the right direction. There is not a single content creator who did not make mistakes in the beginning.

Most YouTubers easily give up after a few bumps in the road. What makes the famous YouTubers, such as PewDiePie and Casey Neistat, distinguished is that they never gave up. Instead, they acquired new skills along the way and kept growing their channels.

Remember, patience and consistency are the two ingredients that will make your channel a success.

Continue reading to find out 15 tips you can effectively use to grow your YouTube channel. Let’s begin with some of the essential ways to improve your channel.

8 Useful Tips That Will Bring You Success

1. Sticking to One Subject

Instead of having a channel with videos on random subjects, build a channel about a specific area.

Knowing who your target audience is one of the most vital steps to do in the initial stages of your channel. If you are a women’s fashion channel, your target audience would be fashionable women.

Keep in mind that with every irrelevant video you upload, your subscribers will lose interest in your content. This would result in a drop in the subscriber count.

2. Uploading Frequently

Nothing disinterests the viewers more than a YouTuber with an irregular upload schedule. Create a video upload schedule for your channel, and work hard to stick to it. If you cannot upload one video per week, try to upload one video every two weeks or every month.

Allow your viewers to know about your upload schedule so that they know when to expect your future videos. If you take long gaps between videos, you will not gain new subscribers. Moreover, you can lose the current subscribers as well.

3. Channel Engagement

The best method to grow your channel is to interact with your followers. Try your best to reply to their queries and comments.

Thank the followers who appreciate and share your content on social media. Instead of reacting angrily at a critic, thank them for their valuable opinion.

You can even feature the content of your fans in your videos and give them credit for their work. Such examples include fan art, shout-outs, and more.

Additionally, remember to comment on the videos of fellow content creators. Share and comment on the social media pages of such influencers who create content similar to yours. In this way, the audience of that content creator will be able to discover your YouTube channel.


4. Sharing your Channel on Social Media

One of the most useful methods to develop your channel is to share it all over the Internet.

Share your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Add links to your YouTube channel in your Instagram bio.

Upload highlights of your videos on Twitter and pin them. In this way, when people visit your Twitter page, they see your YouTube videos right away.

Moreover, sharing your channel on a Reddit community that is relevant to your content can significantly increase the channel’s subscriber count.

If you have contact with a famous YouTuber or any other influencer, ask them to give a shout out to your YouTube channel. In addition to getting a shout out from a fellow creator, collaborate with them.

5. Collaborating with Fellow YouTubers

Creating exciting content with a fellow YouTuber can greatly boost your channel. The collaboration will bring benefits to both parties as the audience will be doubled.

Try to join hands with a YouTuber who creates content matching your profile. Even though YouTubers from different backgrounds can sum up a large audience, collaborating with a similar channel will be advantageous.

6. Paid Promotion

Joining hands with a well-known company or celebrity-related to your niche can help your channel grow rapidly.
Such promotions can help the channel appear more professional and organized. Keep in mind to share the collaboration on all your social media platforms.

7. Exciting Giveaways

A highly successful technique to attract people is by hosting a giveaway. Giveaways show that you value your followers and appreciate their support.

As a beginner, ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel and share it as well. Out of all those who complete the assigned tasks, a few winners can randomly be chosen.

The giveaway prize can be a gift card, a book, an evening to spend with you, and many more. If you upload football-related content, the winning prize can be a football jersey signed by a famous player. If the channel is related to the gym and work out tutorials, then the award can be supplements or workout equipment.

Furthermore, once your channel starts flourishing, you can move on to giving prizes without asking the fans to do something.

8. Attending Conventions

Another useful way to grow your channel is to become a part of the vast YouTube community. Attending prestigious conventions such as Vid Con can significantly improve your chances of success.

These conventions are a great platform to meet popular YouTubers and seek guidance from them. Additionally, meetups with fans and followers help the creators connect with their audiences and ask for their opinions.

Now, let’s dive into how you can adjust your channel layout and video presentation to improve your YouTube channel.


7 Ways To Make Your Youtube Channel Special

9. Getting the most out of YouTube Cards

YouTube cards are clickable boxes that appear in only the last 20 seconds of a video. You can add up to five boxes, which can include links, images, and text. Using these effectively can certainly aid your channel.

You can add the link to your channel, as well as add a button to subscribe to the channel. Moreover, the viewers can be guided to another relevant video on your channel.

The viewers will be compelled to watch the next video and end up as a new subscriber to your YouTube channel.
You can add a clickable box that directs viewers to the channel of the YouTuber with whom you have collaborated.

This will show that you value the collaboration and will encourage other YouTubers to work with you in the future. Lastly, this would result in the growth of your channel.

 10. Eye-catching Thumbnails

A vital method of gaining the attention of someone randomly streaming YouTube is with the usage of exciting thumbnails.

Thumbnails are the images that come alongside your video title on YouTube. As the thumbnail is the first impression of the video on the viewer, so it must be attractive.
The thumbnail should be entirely relevant to the subject of the video.

Remember to avoid clickbait: using false information in the thumbnail to attract viewers. Clickbait will not only decrease your viewers but also tempt your current subscribers to lose interest in your content.

11.Channel Introduction Trailer

When a non-subscriber opens your channel, one of the few things they notice is the enlarged video on the top.
This video can feature the trailer for your channel. Even if you have uploaded a few videos on the channel, you can upload an engaging trailer.

The trailer is an excellent way to help the viewers understand what your content is all about. If they like the trailer, you will hopefully gain a subscriber. Just make sure that the video is highly appealing and short in length.

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12.Converting your Viewers into Subscribers

One of the simplest methods to gain subscribers is just to ask. At the start of your videos, you can ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel.
Other than this, you can ask the viewers to share your channel with their friends and family. In this way, your channel will undoubtedly grow. This technique may look extremely simple but is highly effective.

13. Organizing your Content

Proper organization of your videos can make your channel more professional. The viewers would appreciate it if they could easily find the required content on your channel.
If your cooking tutorial videos are in parts, you can easily bring them together as a playlist. If you are uploading short videos of your trip to the Maldives, you can form a separate playlist for those videos.

14. Video Descriptions

If you want your videos to appear in Google’s top results, proper video descriptions are the way to go.
You cannot add everything about the video in its title. This is why the video description plays a vital part in growing your channel.
You must add links and specific keywords in your description relevant to your content. By doing this, Google and YouTube algorithms would understand your videos better. As a result, your videos will rank higher when viewers search for the keywords

15. Reviewing and Replicating

If you want to succeed in the future, you have to learn from your past. So, evaluating your old content can provide you great tips on what not to do.
Moreover, if an old video has a high view count, analyze what made that video different. Then, try to replicate that method in your next videos. This technique will assist you in gaining more viewers and subscribers.


Any content creator wishing to grow should not hesitate to seek help. No one has ever succeeded on their own.
Put these 15 tips to use right away and improve your YouTube channel.

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